When is the best time to book a family photo session?

Every age has its joys, so it's hard to say. I offer a custom baby plan package (contact me to learn more!) for if you're wanting to document the first year of your baby's life: think a Torquay beach maternity short session, a longer, cosier in-home newborn session, and then another shorter one to celebrate the six month or one year milestones. You'll be able to look back on your child's first year and marvel at how much they've changed (because time is a filthy thief and you definitely, definitely don't want the only photos of this year to be on your phone). 

Frequently Asked Questions

When does my business need a brand photoshoot?

I often suggest doing a smaller one when you first whip up a website, with the idea that once you're a year or so in and a bit more established, you'll have a better idea of your business goals and values and ideal client, so then a bigger custom session would be ideal to communicate those things. Most businesses I work with feel the need to revamp/rebuild their websites a year or so in, and they need a lot of imagery to make it stand out - so that's what we create together!

What area do you serve?

I live in Torquay, Australia, and will happily travel to your home or studio in Ocean Grove, Barwon Heads, Grovedale, Geelong, Anglesea, Airey's Inlet and Lorne. Further down the Great Ocean Road and Melbourne are absolutely options, though they do incur a travel fee.

My other home is Vancouver Island, Canada, and I come back as often as I can. I always take on sessions while I'm there, so please reach out if you live there and want to work with me and I'll let you know when I'm next in the Cowichan Valley or Victoria!