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I'm here to photograph the two messiest, funnest things you've made: your creative business and your little tackers.

Let’s get you some snazzy new photos.

hey mama. I'm Kristen.

really nice photos. no whingeing.
pinky promise.

No getting all dressed up to grin awkwardly at the camera over here! These are not your average photoshoots. These are playful, ripper good fun photoshoots for people who value real over perfect, every time.

  So let everyone wear whatever they want. Let your kids just be themselves. Show the honest behind the scenes of your business.
Because let's face it: all the best parts of life are a bit messy.

Torquay brand, family and newborn photography for mess makers.

Torquay, geelong & the surf coast

to the photos!

Come check out my galleries so you can get a feel for my style. It's relaxed, outdoorsy and honest.

Want to see more?

Brand photos for artists & creative people who want to show their process

family photos for fun parents who really don't want to pose for a camera

photos of you learning how the heck to parent this baby

Photo sessions that are easy peasy, lemon squeezy.

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Geelong, Torquay and Surf Coast artists: Got a new collection release coming up that you want to show off? Refreshing your website and realising you should probably be in some of the photos? Hoping to capture your studio space or love of painting en plein air?

Show your collectors the beautifully messy behind the scenes of your art business!


I photograph...

Or more specifically - the person or people behind the small business! I specialise in capturing creative content of the behind-the-scenes process of what you do, so that you can show up online in an honest and fun way. Clients love hiring people they connect with, so I want to help you show up just the way you are. Headshots, website refresh and full custom branding packages available in Torquay, Geelong & the Surf Coast.

Brands & businesses

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I photograph...

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I visit your kids in their wild habitat (= your cozy, messy home) and spend 80% of the time rolling around on the floor taking photos of you all playing and doing your thing.

Or, if you're like my family and you love the outdoors, we head outside for a Great Ocean Road adventure together on one of the beautiful Surf Coast beaches near here!

Extended families of all shapes, sizes and colours welcome.


I photograph...

at your home


Specifically, you with your newborn, being all cozy and full of love at home. If you're looking for someone to swaddle your baby up and put them in a tea cup, I'm not for you. But if you want to remember the little expressions on your baby's face and the weird way they stretch, then this is for you! I love the wriggles, the baby farts, and using the Bobby Dazzler lifestyle, 35mm film vibes to document how your lives have grown since this little being came along.

Your new baby

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I photograph...


'Working with Kristen on a combination business branding and mother/daughter photo experience was truly a treat. She is knowledgeable, comforting, encouraging, and professional. And just a delightful human person to work with. I recommend her to anyone looking for beautiful, meaningful, and useful photographs.'

SARAH K says:

I'm Kristen, your new daggy friend with a camera.

I'm the real human behind Bobby Dazzler, and I'm a brand, family and newborn photographer based in Torquay, Victoria. THANK YOU for being here. Seriously. If you're anything like me, you're probably snatching spare minutes during toddler naps and school runs to read this - so I'm grateful you're still here. Just so you know - I'm on day 3 of dry-shampooed hair and will probably wear socks and birks to your photo session. So, however you want to show up for our session is fine by me! I value honesty, integrity and kindness - so please, just be you. Chances are we will want to go drink a negroni after our photo session together and laugh about all the things we want to do, if we only had time to do them.

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Hi hello!

In the heart of the Cowichan Valley, BC, you will find a flower farm, wood studio and pottery studio, run by Jen and Devin and ably supported by their baby girl and many ducks. This is the story of a family running businesses and life off their farm and their beautiful shop where they sell their wares.

Brand Photography for Miller + Co

Featured Gallery

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Ready for a good old-fashioned mess around?

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Click that button to book a no-pressure chat with me - because in this day of a million messages on too many platforms, I still think sitting down with a cuppa and coming up with ideas together is the BEST way for us to get to know each other and to see if we are a good fit!

Hooley dooley!

"Great art picks up where nature ends."
-Marc Chagall

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