Let's take a whole bunch of beautiful, down-to-earth photographs of you and your business!

brand photos for artists, creatives & surf coast small businesses

First up: I think you might be underestimating how much your clients and collectors LOVE seeing your process and getting to know the person (or people) behind the scenes. This is where brand loyalty is born.

Show up in an honest, fun way with super dooper gorgeous personal branding photographs and notice how your clients start recommending you to everyone - because they want to be on your TEAM and see your small business succeed. Go sports!

Are your website and Instagram feeds full of kinda-blurry photos you snapped on your phone?

Are you tired of searching for stock images that end up looking like what every other business is using?

That might be ok for a side hustle, for a while. But if you are ready to get serious...

You need the dazzler.

Calling all creative business owners who wear too many hats!

I'm ready. i'm in.
get me on your 2024 calendar!

Apparently I'm not just a creative now - I also need to be a marketing manager and post regularly on Instagram! Some days I spend hours scrolling for something worth posting, and that's valuable time I could have put towards making art.

I wish I could spend less time on social media, and have more time doing the work I love.

I'm ready to build a beautiful website to share my business with the world.

I wish I had some lovely photos of my process to show off my work in the best possible light!

Any of these thoughts feel familiar?

I'm so awkward on camera.
What do I do with my hands?

I know I need to show my face more on Instagram to grow my business... but I don't really want to. I'm not really a selfie person!

My dream is to create for you a big gallery of useful images so that whenever you snag a spare minute to work, you can just grab a quick photo, post it, then GO AND MAKE SOME ART.

When we do these sessions, we talk a lot about what content you find yourself needing to post regularly (especially those shots you struggle to take yourself - like you at work). We plan how you will use these images, discuss your brand strategy, embrace your colour palette, and decide how location and props can help to show your personality and what your business is really about. 

I love working with creative introverts - people who don’t love putting themselves out there on camera, but know they need to do so to grow their business. If you’re still reading, that might be you. Why are you ‘my people’? Because I am the same - I don’t love getting in front of the camera, so I am conscious of making the experience fun and relaxed for you.

This is an investment that will instantly lift the quality of your website and online presence, and you will end up with a big online gallery of photos that you can continue to use across all of your platforms.
But there's something I can do to save you the hour you probably regret spending on Instagram every day just scrolling for something worth posting.

I think I know how you feel.

Let me help you get time back so you can work on your business - or play with your kids.

Photograph of Kristen by Rachael Alexandra.

I'm a creative introvert who would rather be working one on one with kind humans than doing an Instagram live.

Brand Photography
for mess makers


An honest, behind-the-scenes look at your business and your WHY. No suits and sky-high heels, no power poses - just the down-to-earth friendly YOU and the messy magic that makes what you offer to the world completely unique.

You started your side-hustle to fuel a passion, not to spend hours staring at a screen finding something to post! Now it's a fully-fledged business, let me take care of the photographs (with you in them, looking fiiine and having fun!), so you can go back to what you do best - chucking your hair in a messy bun and making some art.

If you just want an upcoming collection release captured with some images of you at work, then a Spruce My Site package is a more budget-friendly option to elevate your online presence. Want to do a deep-dive story telling session into who you are as an artist, and connect with your collectors on a values level? Want to show your studio space and have some outdoors images of you at work, maybe with your family or pet? Then a Full Custom Brand session is for you!

I've worked with midwives, yoga teachers, naturopathic doctors, lactation consultants, physiotherapists, life coaches and acupuncturists. The common thread? All people who care deeply about others and who want to increase their audience reach by improving their online presence. 

Depending on the breadth of imagery you require, either a Spruce My Site or a Full Custom Brand Package would work well for you.

Does my business need brand photography?

Artists & Creatives

Health & Wellness

the solopreneur

The self-employed professional

Congratulations! You've grown beyond the solopreneur stage and now have the BEST team in town. Introduce the gang to your clients so they can appreciate the new level of expertise you can offer. 

Working with teams takes time to do well (and I'm a recovering perfectionist), so a Full Custom Brand package would be ideal for you.

Meet My Team

the small business

Selling your wares in a beautiful space? Running workshops for locals? You've put a lot of time and effort into making your physical store inviting and unique. Now you need to show it off online and put your shop on the map!

Unless you're also a one-person show, a Full Custom brand session would best suit your needs so we can really show off your business.

I Love My Shop

the shop owner

first up:

Here's What You Need

a gallery of custom, useful images.

Photographs you can use again and again without anyone thinking, 'oh that's just another pretty photo from that photoshoot she did once.' VARIETY!

a website that looks as good as your art.

I know you're getting pretty good with a camera and your product photos look decent... but taking process photos with you in them is a bit tricky by yourself, and your collectors love the BTS moments!

freedom to spend time making art.

Ever been in your flow state and had your phone interrupt you, and then you get distracted on Instagram and end up spending ages trying to post a reel? Yeah, me too. Let's stop doing that. Our time is worth more.

"Don't tell me the moon is shining; show me the glint of light on broken glass."

- anton chekhov

you could tell your clients what you do, or you could show them.

How It Works

Book a video chat with me (Kristen - not Bobby, he's just pretend) below.
15 minutes of having a cuppa and brainstorming creative ideas together. No strings attached and I promise I'll tell you straight up if I can help you or not. Integrity rules!


You book and fill out a meaty questionnaire that will help me (and you!) get to know your business in a whole new way. I read your answers and spend a lot of time listening to you. I want to get inside your head!

Then I mull and ponder and basically roll around in your business vision like my old dog on a dead fish at the beach.
I plan my little heart out so that we can achieve some serious magic on your shoot day. Because you don't need 50 headshots of you just wearing different jackets. You need variety and strategy so that you can get the most mileage from this shoot! I want this to be business dollars well-spent.


Shoot day is FUN and RELAXED and epically unpretentious. We get in our flow state. I tell you what to do with your hands. It's 1000% less stressful than you are imagining right now (every single client has told me this).

3 weeks later you get a very snazzy gallery of USEFUL, visually consistent photographs that communicate a whole bunch of things you want your clients to know about your business.

Your website didn't just get prettier - it hooked your readers and now they can start buying your goodies.


Schedule a chat now

"Words can't express how wonderful and talented Kristen is."

"Prior to the day of the shoot, we had a few phone call consultations. She knew exactly what I was looking for and was on the same wavelength when discussing specific shots. Her direction the day of was extremely helpful as the weather was chilly which made it difficult for me to focus on what needed to get done. She had it all written down and was excellent at giving direction. The colours of the photos were perfect, just what I had envisioned, and the turn around time from shoot to final edits was super quick. Kristen, as a person, is warm and inviting and makes the 'picture taking' process effortless. As a photographer, she is creative and exceptionally talented... not to mention she is wonderful with kids and can even make the crankiest baby smile! Thank you thank you!"

Magda Johnson fine art

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Headshot days

A few times a year I rent out a beautiful, light-filled studio space and open bookings for short and sweet headshot sessions. 15 minutes, time for a couple of outfits, 10 images - for a budget-friendly $300. 

Click the link below to learn more and put your name down on the list for the next Headshot Day!

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Spruce up my site

Undergoing a rebrand or site refresh? Got an upcoming collection release? You need new images! You'll get beautiful content for your Home page, About page, Contact page and a bunch of extras to scatter throughout so your site matches your values and aesthetic.

The $850 fee includes a 90 minute session in one location, 50 images and a clarity call to plan some specific shots and brainstorm outfits and props. Available only for personal brand small business owners (not teams).

this one is for me!

THIS is where the magic happens. There is a total art and science to my process here - everything we do is very intentional to draw out the story of your business your WHY, and to capture it visually in a way that hooks your dream clients. If you want your website to stand apart from all the others in your field, this is your package! 

$1200 includes up to 3 hours of photography, 2 locations (eg studio/shop and outdoor location), moodboard, in-depth clarity call and questionnaire to make sure we plan for maximum variety and usefulness of your 100+ images! I often make little GIFs and video snippets to make your website extra snazzy! Trust me, this one is a goodie!

I offer three types of brand sessions: one for every stage of your business and budget!

You are a small business and you want to show off LOTS of areas of personality and process! Think: your workshop or shop, BTS, your team, your products and even outdoor beach shots (family and pets welcome!) to capture that outdoorsy, Surf Coast nature vibe we all love!



Custom brand photo sessions

You're early days with your business and you're still using a selfie on your About page! Or, if you just need a couple of fresh, updated headshots.


You're a solopreneur wanting to establish a stronger online presence (and justify your new increased prices!), but don't have the budget for a full custom session yet.

Most popular!

you want to have a ripper good time while you're at it

you know you need to show your face more to grow your business, but hate selfies

you would love your website and feed to look more consistent with your vibe and values

You're overwhelmed by finding something to post every day

You want less time on socials, more time making art

Is This Right For You?

"Working with Kristen was fun, easy and such a delight! With a growing social media presence, I wanted photos for my website and socials that looked professional and showed my heart for what I do. She put so much forethought into the different types of shots, backgrounds, colours, and props - way more attention to detail than I would've considered!"




"I loved working with Kristen. I was really nervous about being in a photoshoot, but her sweet and kind nature put me at ease! I saw a lot of really neat brand photos popping up on Kristen's social media pages, and it made me realize that was the type of photoshoot I wanted to have for my website. It is really hard to capture what I do on film, but I feel I have some really great photos to use for my website and my social media platforms."




"Working with Kristen is like hanging out with a close friend where you chat about your dreams, sip tea, and crank some feel good music, but all the while she is working her magic behind the lens. She was able to simultaneously put me at ease and bring my vision to life! I had a vision of what I wanted going in, but I wasn't sure how it would translate in photos. Not only did Kristen accurately capture the aesthetic and colour palette I wanted, but she was able to translate the FEELING I wanted to bring through perfectly."


naturopathic physician


real results

TRusted by:

You are so talented and simply the best.
My heart is full. These are amazing photos… Thank you 💕

- Jen rose, Miller + co

Make you a stunning gallery of images that you can use again and again on your website and socials

Can I be on your team?

Start showing off your work with a quality that matches what you're creating



together we can:

Attract the right kind of clients - those who appreciate the value of your work


Make your followers smile every time you pop up first on their feed - because they feel they know you!


Make you feel slicker than a rat with a gold tooth, because you made all this happen in a couple of hours. 


inquire →

'Consultation' is a fancy word to say, 'Put the kettle on, have a zoom zoom with Kristen and spend 15 minutes chatting about allll your business dreams and ideas.' I have package options for every business stage and budget, and we can work out exactly what type would most benefit your business right now. I value honesty, always - so I promise to let you know if you don't need my help!

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Are you in like Flynn?

Help you connect with clients by showing them your personality

Lift the visual quality of your website and socials

Capture the story of your family business and how it all began with those editorial, storytelling vibes

Help increase brand awareness with your consistent, high quality images

Creative visual content for healthcare professionals and yoga teachers

Put your business values front and centre so your clients can really connect with you

Not in the creative field?
Here's how I can help.


Click below to see examples of brand photography for healthcare professionals:

How do I know which package is right for me?

This is why we have an introductory call, because I find a lot of people think they need one thing, but I check out your website prior to the chat and identify the gaps, so that we can tailor a shoot to exactly meet your needs. So while my package prices are set at different levels, the actual content I create for you is highly original and custom to your business needs!

Frequently Asked Questions

At what stage of my business should I consider doing a photoshoot?

I often suggest doing a smaller one when you first whip up a website, with the idea that once you're a year or so in and a bit more established, you'll have a better idea of your business goals and values and ideal client, so then a bigger custom session would be ideal to communicate those things. Most businesses I work with feel the need to revamp/rebuild their websites a year or so in, and they need a lot of imagery to make it stand out - so that's what we create together!

What types of shots do you try to capture?

My goal is to visually illustrate the areas of your business that you want your clients to know about. This includes your studio space/shop/workshop, your inspiration (such as nature!), what it is you do and for whom, and areas of your life that will resonate with your dream clients (for many people, that means bringing the family in for a few shots!). Check out my freebie to get some ideas on the types of shots we can create together!

I tend to work more behind-the-scenes and don't love having my photo taken.

Then you are my people. Me too! Something we've learned while running our own small businesses and being the artist/CEO/CFO/marketing manager etc etc (just too many hats to count) is that we need to show up as a real human person on our website and our social media, because this builds TRUST. I sure know that I'd rather buy from a person that I love following on social media, who shares my interests and values, than from a big faceless corporation. What I offer with my photo shoots is loooots of photographs that you can keep drawing from, so that you don't need to be taking selfies of you at work every day when you'd really rather just get cracking. Like the idea?

- diane barr, yoga teacher

"If you are on the fence about getting personal and/or professional photos done with Kristen, do it!!! You won't regret it."

Grab my freebie!

Forget 17 headshots and perfect flat lays.
After years spent photographing artists and helping them zhush their websites, THESE are the most useful brand photos!

P.S. I promise never to spam you.
My emails are verrry infrequent and only full of good things!