The time where you're spending all your days blissfully naptrapped and staring at your (hopefully) sleeping baby, learning who this little being is who was inside you for a decent chunk of the last year. Where you're noticing how your body has changed - again - and how despite its newfound aches and floppiness, you're in awe of what it has just created. Those tiny fingers. The fuzzy shoulders. The oddly-not-unpleasant old milk smell coming from an unidentified ear crease.

Oh, those hazy days of newborn baby land! Where you think they're beautiful but objectively know they're a bit old man-ish.


That's where I come in.

I know what you're feeling, because I've been there. And if there's something I could go back and tell my newly post-partum self, it would be that I was doing a really good job of loving my baby.

That, and 'Hey Kristen, you know those thousands of iPhone photos you have? Well, they look really crappy when you print them! Get a professional photographer to come to your house!'

So, here I am saying it to you. 

You are doing a really good job of loving your baby.

(Also, get a photographer).

Every day they change a little bit more. You are so, so tired, and yet your heart is full.

My goal in life is to be the kind of friend that no one feels they need to tidy up for. The kind of photographer that appreciates who you really are. I love honesty in my photographs because I want to remember life exactly as it was - not the polished, perfect version we see online. The real bits where our kids can see how much we love them.

I have a baby, a toddler, and I'm pretty nifty with a camera.

Let me help you see the beauty in your life right now - because between the piles of laundry and crusty high chair, there's a whole lot of love.

Hey Mama. I see you.

yes please!

Torquay newborn photography

"Kristen managed to capture how I feel about my baby in image form, and I will treasure our gorgeous photos of his squishy cheeks  forever."


mama & midwife


"Kristen made the whole process of capturing photos fun, exciting and most importantly- relaxing! She was able to come to our home and had so many amazing ideas for how photos would look best. The photos turned out better than we could have hoped, they were natural and captured our little family perfectly."


mama & teacher


"Kristen is an extremely talented photographer whose passion is apparent throughout the entire session. Her skill set in making us feel completely comfortable allows her to capture real family moments that we will cherish for a lifetime. I could not have asked for a more positive experience while having photos of our newborn taken."


mama & teacher


joy and fun and stuff

Woohoo! Me neither. I think the beauty lies in your interactions with your baby, so you won't find me swaddling them up to put in a pumpkin. I don't use props - we just capture your life as it is.

I would love some professional photos of us with our baby, but I'm not really into the posed newborn style.

My baby is growing up WAY too quickly.

Ever look back on photos from two months ago and notice how they've already changed? Babies don't keep. This is why photo sessions grow more valuable with time - because you sadly can't go back and book one later.

Any of these thoughts feel familiar?

Family and friends keep asking me what gift I would find most useful when the baby arrives... should I ask for a photo session?

Yes! YES! 1000x YES! Scroll on to learn why a photo session is the BEST gift you can ask for/give another parent-to-be (except maybe for sleep).

I mention these thoughts because I'm pretty sure most mums have them, and I've seen how elated they are when they receive their photographs - especially because they are actually in them! That's what I want for you.

Then it's time for me to come over and photograph you with your bébé.

OK. I'm in!

If this is you...

How It Works

Book a quick chat with Kristen below.
10 minutes chatting over a cuppa to see if we are a good fit! If you're in, a $200 session fee reserves your date.

First This

I come to your house. You may or may not be wearing leggings. We take photos. It's calm and we laugh a lot and chat about parenthood.

Then this

In three weeks you receive your gallery for download! You'll also get credit and access to my print partners to make some beautiful art for your home and the grannies.

then this

book a chat now

I'm Kristen, and these two potatoes made me a mum.

When I'm not taking photographs of other people's cute babies, I'm slathering these ginger ninjas in SPF 5000 suncreen and playing at the beach.

more about me

hey hey!

You're in the right place.

When you're making that list of "absolutely essential baby items we need to get", trust me - half of that expensive stuff on there you won't even touch for the first 12 weeks. Other stuff, you'll use 3 times and then never again (wipe warmer, anyone?).

Do you want to know the one thing you'll be so, so glad you bought, or asked for, long after you've passed the cot and pram onto your bestie?

Photographs of your baby.
With you in them.
Photographs of you loving them. Nibbling those little toes.
Photographs of that sweet special time when your only job was to keep them warm and fed and loved.

You have a baby or one on the way, and want to capture this sweet, fleeting time (because your brain is so tired you might not remember it).

this is FOR YOU IF: 

reserve your date

Timings can be a bit unpredictable in those early days, so we allow 2 hours for a newborn session. This takes the pressure off timing naps and allows for calm parents and baby.

Newborn sessions are $850. This includes both the session and all the edited files for download (50+) and you will have print shop access and $50 credit to spend if you'd like to make albums or wall art afterwards.

Newborn sessions take place in the comfort of your own home, at a time that works for your baby's needs.


This      for you if:

You want beautiful, natural photos of you with your baby

you want me to pose your baby like a frog

you want me to capture the story of your life right now - mess and all

you have 27 outfits and bows you want to put your baby in for photos

you want an album or prints to remember this time

It's probably           for you if...

You don't want to get in the photos yourself



It's probably
for you if...

inquire about
gift certificates

If you are wanting to give your offspring a gift that they will value forever, this is it.
(And I can even throw in some print credit so you get copies of the photos!)

Are you about to become a grandparent?

Frequently Asked Questions

What areas do you service and do you charge a travel fee?

I live in Torquay, Australia and will come to you from Geelong to Ocean Grove, and down the Surf Coast as far as Anglesea. I do take on the occasional Melbourne shoot for bigger sessions. Beyond a 30 minute radius from Torquay incurs a travel fee.

My other home is in the Cowichan Valley, Vancouver Island. We try to make it back for Canadian summers and anywhere from Victoria BC to Nanaimo is fair game - please reach out to find out when I will next be there!

What's the best age to book in for a baby session?

Each stage brings its own sweetness. Honestly, you can't go wrong as long as you do it 1-2 times in that first year! Fresh 48 sessions are raw and new, 2-6 weeks are sleepy and slow, 5-6 months have smiles for days, and my personal favourite is the 8-11 month cheeky rollfest because they are the easiest on parents (seriously, all you do is make your baby giggle!).

Should I go for an in-home or outdoor session?

For newborns, I always recommend home. If we are outside, they're either so bundled up in warm gear or their face is hidden by a sunhat. If your baby is 10 months+ and the weather is fine, then we can look at an outdoor session.

Are your prices all-inclusive?

Yep, you get the session and all the edited files for download in the one fee (I pick which ones to edit - leave that to me!). Prints are extra - but definitely worth it and you have $50 credit to spend at my lab.

How far out should I book my session?

I tend to book up 2 months in advance, so I would suggest reaching out early to secure a date. Last minute availabilities do pop up sometimes though, so always reach out!

If it's a fresh 48 session, we look at a window of time and then finalise the date once your baby has been born.

Do you offer maternity photography?

I'm happy to offer mini maternity sessions as an add-on only to my clients who book a full newborn session. They take place at sunset, for 30 minutes and are $550 for 30 photographs (older children welcome).

- Frances

"Kristen is a dream to work with. She helped the whole family feel relaxed and captured the spirit of the moment perfectly with her gorgeous shots. 11/10 would recommend.

send me your questions!

I completely understand. If you have any questions, please send me a message below.

Still on the fence?

How to take better photos of your kids

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Should I do an outdoor or in-home photo session?

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