Kids + Creatives.
That's what I do.

As far as photographers go, I'm a pretty-niched-down one. Over the years I've photographed backcountry landscapes, had work published in travel magazines and shot a few weddings along the way. But what really lights me up is working with creative, down to earth women - women who very often are wearing many hats such as Mother and Creative Professional and Tired. I like them best. Sometimes I even knit them hats so they can wear more hats.

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surf coast photographer for families & small businesses

You're in the right place.

You are doing great on the creation front, but when do you get time to document them? When was the last time you photographed your little ones on a camera that lets you print it bigger than a little square? When was the last time you photographed your work for your website and it actually looked as good as what you'd just created?

Or the real question: When were you last in the photographs?

Whew, you are one busy mama! So many things to create (art, babies...), so little time. 

- Frances

"Kristen is a dream to work with. She helped the whole family feel relaxed and captured the spirit of the moment perfectly with her gorgeous shots. 11/10 would recommend.

Absolute CHAOS in the best possible way. If you want photographs of your family being real and messy and completely themselves, then this is for you.

Family photography

Want beautiful photos of your new baby, but prefer them to be real and avoid all the macro-lens-airbrushed-with-a-bow nonsense trends? Yeah, me too. 

Newborn photography

Creatives, artists, even people working in the healthcare field - if it's a personal brand and your website needs photographs that feel like you, I'm your girl.

Brand photography

Ways to Work Together

“Kristen takes the most beautiful and thoughtful photos. As a mum, you can tell her experience helps her catch those tiny moments that matter most."

— Lara & Jared

Family photography


It's true what they say, this time goes bloody fast. And your days might be consumed with daycare colds and undies on heads, but trust me - there's so much joy and love there hidden among the fatigue and fart jokes. I want to help you remember all the good stuff. Then, in years to come, you can look over your album with your kids and laugh about how apparently no one wore pants for 3.5 years.

Sometimes I feel like I live in a zoo. You too? Excellent. You're my people.


You want  photos of your kids being their best dirtbag selves - not being forced to smile for the camera, just having a muck around together and letting their unique personalities shine through. 

You are building or updating your website and want beautiful images (with you in them!) to lift the quality and capture your aesthetic.



Less polished, more honest.

I make down-to-earth, story-driven photographs of you and your creative business, so that you can spend less time online and more time producing art that your clients love.

For creative business owners who want to show the messy, lovely behind-the-scenes process of their craft.

Brand photography

Newborn photography


Remember when they're tiny and have fuzzy shoulders and smell like sunshine and old milk? And your benchmark of where you can publicly wear leggings stretches and at some point you realise you're in Woolies and your nursing bra is still unclipped? (Just me?). Then five minutes later you stumble in your sleep deprivation and they have delicious rolls and they giggle and it melts your whole damn heart into a puddle of goo.

Please, please, don't let the only photos you have of this time be on your phone. 

Oh I love babies. Fresh ones and chubby ones and especially the farty ones.


You have or are expecting a baby and want to document the biggest change your lives will ever experience (and also your very cute baby).



For all standard sessions.
Brand, family, newborn.
Indoor, outdoor.
For longer sessions. Extended family and full custom branding packages.

I appreciate transparent pricing. I'm thinking you do too.


All packages include the digital downloads.
Head to the genre specific page to learn about inclusions for each.




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