That's it. 

They push our buttons and wear runners with jeans and sometimes drive us a bit batty, but at the end of the day, family is everything. 

We used to print photos of our families. Birthdays with 80s cakes, mums wearing dresses with shoulder pads and beach holidays with sandy butts and melting icy poles.

Now we have 65 000 photos on our phones and one day we won't even be able to open those files.

I'm on a mission to change that.

The past few years taught us what's most important in life.

Hot summer nights, shooing away the seagulls stealing your fish and chips on the beach. Backyard cricket. Pottering in the toolshed with grandpa. Camping holidays with the cousins, nicking bits of Aunty Pam's pav. Sweaty kids who smell like sunscreen and laughter. Nose pickers. Cape wearers. I'm here for it all.

Documentary family photography in Torquay & Geelong.
For fun parents who just want to play with their kids.

Less posing. More playing.

say g'day to

I've been meaning to have professional photos taken of my family for AGES!

My kids are growing up WAY too quickly.

Any of these thoughts feel familiar?

I'll just wait until I've had my hair done. And my house renovations are finished. And when my kids no longer have colds.

It's about time I made a family album and put some photographs on my walls.

And better yet, you will actually be in the photos.

Most people are a little nervous about having a photo session, but the whole process is pretty low-key and a lot of fun! I pop over to your home or meet you for an outside adventure, play with your kids and take photos of everyone just being themselves. You don’t need to coordinate outfits and clean your house, because we want to capture life as it is for you, right now.

At the end of the movie About Time (which is epically underrated if you ask me!), Tim realises the true power of time travel. It isn't to go back and change things, alter the past to have a different outcome in the future. He lives one day in the chaos of everyday life, and then repeats it, the second time taking moments to sit back and watch his family without worrying about work or fatigue or what's for dinner. He can see their gestures, their interactions, and savour those moments of his kids being little.

That is what I want my photos to be for you.

You won't be wearing matching clothes and posing as a family. You will be making pancakes on a Sunday morning and your kids will be sticky and there will be piles of laundry everywhere. And it will be your life. You will cuddle your babies and tickle them and then months and years from now you'll go through your album and remember how sweet and fleeting this time was. You won't care about your messy house, because you will get to see how squishy your baby's hands were again. 

These are photographs that are beautiful, nostalgic and full of life and memories. You will look at your album and hear your toddler’s wet chuckle as you blow raspberries on his tummy. You will see the soft curls on the back of her head and remember how she smelled when you nuzzled her neck. And your children deserve to see you in the photos, too. They want to remember the way you loved them when they were small.

My job is simple, really. I want to see your children the way you see them, and photograph those moments so that you can hang onto the feeling you had when they were so little, and you knew it was all changing too quickly.

If that's you, then you're in the right place.

- Frances

"Kristen is a dream to work with. She helped the whole family feel relaxed and captured the spirit of the moment perfectly with her gorgeous shots. 11/10 would recommend.

book me in!

Extended family sessions

The best kind of chaos.
Cousins who haven't seen each other for ages and still pick up where they left off. Loopy on too much red cordial. Nan making pickles. Pop gardening.

2 hour session.  
70 high-res digitals.
$100 print voucher and access to my pro print lab.
A big family portrait, individual family portraits and a whole lot of candid play shots.
Split the cost with your siblings and you'll all get the photographs - makes the BEST grandparent gift.


ooh yes please

Homebodies sessions

Lazy weekend mornings where you can't be bothered changing out of your pyjamas. Pancakes. Coffee. Pet snuggles. Reading books. Building forts. Get my drift? Easy.

90 minute session. 
50 high-res digitals.
$50 print voucher and access to my pro print lab.
Lots of lazy funtimes.


THIS sounds like us

Hike, beach play, picnic, camping holiday, you name it. If it lets us all play outside, I'm in. Dogs extremely welcome!

90 minute session. 
50 high-res digitals.
$50 print voucher and access to my pro print lab.
A whole heap of fun.


Outdoor adventure sessions

I offer three types of family sessions: outdoor, in-home and extended family.
Click on the links to get in touch or scroll on to learn more!

Getcha grannies in the photos!

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Within 3 weeks, you will receive a beautiful online gallery with access to professional print companies providing the highest quality photographic prints, albums and wall art in Australia. Your package also includes a print voucher to encourage you to get these photos out of the cloud and into your home.

All prices include the high-resolution digital downloads of all the edited photographs. No hidden surprises here.

What's included

How It Works

First This

I come to your house or meet you outside, anywhere in Torquay, Geelong or along the Surf Coast. We play with your kids. We take photos. It's fun and silly and we laugh a lot and chat about this bonkers thing called parenting.

Then this

In three weeks you receive your gallery! 
You'll also get access to my print shop so you can spend your included print credit and order beautiful quality art for your home. EASY.

then this

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I'm Kristen, and these two potatoes made me a mum.

When I'm not taking photographs of other people's cute babies, I'm slathering these ginger ninjas in SPF 5000 suncreen and playing at the beach.

more about me

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What areas do you service and do you charge a travel fee?

I live in Torquay, Australia and will come to you from Geelong to Ocean Grove, and down the Surf Coast as far as Anglesea. I do take on the occasional Melbourne shoot for bigger sessions. Beyond a 30 minute radius from Torquay incurs a travel fee.

My other home is in the Cowichan Valley, Vancouver Island. We try to make it back for Canadian summers and anywhere from Victoria BC to Nanaimo is fair game - please reach out to find out when I will next be there!

Frequently Asked Questions

I have teenagers - should I still book a session?

Heck YES! Most of my clients have younger families, and it saddens me to think so many of us stop photographing our children as they get older. I've taught high schoolers for 13 years and they are weird magical wonderful humans who are becoming their very own people... I know for sure that I want to document their evolving selves. They do sometimes take more encouragement to open up for the camera (some, but not all!), and I like to think I'm pretty good at helping them to do that.

What's the best age to book in for a baby session?

Each stage brings its own sweetness. Honestly, you can't go wrong as long as you do it 1-2 times in that first year! Fresh 48 sessions are raw and new, 2-6 weeks are sleepy and slow, 5-6 months have smiles for days, and my personal favourite is the 8-11 month cheeky rollfest because they are the easiest on parents (seriously, all you do is make your baby giggle!).

Should I go for an in-home or outdoor session?

The three biggest factors are the season, and the interests and ages of your kiddos. Chilly weather and a newborn at home? Let's stay in. Older toddlers/primary school aged kids who love the outdoors? No brainer - let's go out for a play!

Are your prices all-inclusive?

Yep, you get the session and all the edited files for download in the one fee (I pick which ones to edit - leave that to me!). Prints are extra - but definitely worth it (and your fee includes print credit to get you started).

Do you charge extra for extended family, such as grandparents and cousins?

I do. The main reason is every individual family has a kind of mini-session at the same time, so it's not just the big portrait and candids of the whole extended family, but also of each individual family. This is an affordable way to go when you split the cost with your siblings (especially if you've all been meaning to do your own family photos anyway!).

My house isn't looking great right now. What are my options?

Let's do an outdoor session! Or if you want it at home, you would be very surprised at how few areas of your home we use. Don't worry about a deep clean (my camera can't see dirt unless it's on windows!) - just give the three brightest areas of your home a tidy. The master bedroom, living room, any outdoor space and baby's room are good ones to use.

let's work together

Maybe it's something to do with the whole 'just be yourselves and don't worry about tidying up' vibe going on here, but I really do get to work with the most down-to-earth families. If you have an outdoor adventure on the horizon or want to remember your family life in your home as it is right now, please get in touch below. I would love to join you!

I would LOVE to photograph your family.

How to take better photos of your kids

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Should I do an outdoor or in-home photo session?

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